I have been a Software Producer, Progect Manager or Studio Director of sort for over 20 years. I only started coding the last couple of years. I’m no coding expert, but I do enjoy it. I really wish I did it sooner. That is the main point of this little post. I was having too much fun coding. Playing with particles, tweaking the landing system over and over again. I found myself off track and behind schedule. Doing most of the heavy lifting myself for Lander8b I forgot to wear my producer hat. I just kept tinkering with things in the game. Luckily I took a moment to look up and see where I was. I put my producer hat back on. Fired up Trello and created a weekly sprint for my doppelgänger coder. My coder self would start knocking off tasks. It helped me focus on the important items to get a game to an MVP state. The game really started to come together much faster. So my advice to other indies out there. Get yourself your own Cheerleader/Whipcracker. You will be amazed how much progress you can make.  Can’t find someone. Contact me.