Casual Connect Round Tables

Speakers: Chip Pedersen Concrete Software/FrostBit Studio
Tracks: Round Table (Managing the Production Process,Team Management)  

Casual Connect listens. Whether it’s a sidebar conversation in a hallway, an impromptu meeting in the hotel lounge, or a friendly drink with a fellow developer you just met at the near by pub – we understand the need for quiet intimate conversation and knowledge share without the stage lighting, cameras, and microphones. This year we are happy to introduce the developer roundtable sessions at Casual Connect. It’s a throwback to our indie dev roots – small meeting room, no electronics, just a few chairs, a few confirmed experts in their fields to engage with, a moderator to keep things moving, and you!

Roundtable Topics Include:
Hiring additional resources (Art, Design, Dev, QA, etc)
Legal Process
Managing the Production Process
Money (Completion Funds)
PR / Marketing
Publisher vs. Self Publishing
Team Management
User Acquisition
Working for Brands (for hire) vs Original Content