You need a Producer (Cheerleader/Whipcracker)

I have been a Software Producer, Progect Manager or Studio Director of sort for over 20 years. I only started coding the last couple of years. I’m no coding expert, but I do enjoy it. I really wish I did it sooner. That is the main point of this little post. I was having too […]

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Chip speaks at Casual Connect Round Table Aug 11-13, San Francisco, CA

Casual Connect Round Tables
Speakers: Chip Pedersen Concrete Software/FrostBit Studio
Tracks: Round Table (Managing the Production Process,Team Management)  

Casual Connect listens. Whether it’s a sidebar conversation in a hallway, an impromptu meeting in the hotel lounge, or a friendly drink with a fellow developer you just met at the near by pub – we understand the need for […]

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Chip speaks at Captivate Conference Sept 18-20, Austin, TX.

Studio Foundations: Building a Successful Team
Speakers: Chip Pedersen Concrete Software/FrostBit Studio
Tracks: Production & Leadership

AAA studios are disappearing everyday. Smaller development studios are popping up, rising from the ashes. Managing smaller teams, budgets and timelines is much different then when you had levels of management, a large studio or publishing power backing your team. You need […]

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Chip Speaking at IGDATC June 10th 2015

IGDATC June 2015 – What’s it’s Really Like to Work in Game Industry
IGDA Twin Cities Chapter
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (CDT)

Bloomington, MN


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