I have been working on trying to find my own style for my 8 bit game Pixel Pit Fighter. I have enjoyed looking at other people’s work on the internet and learning different approaches, but I wanted really wanted to find my own look.

There was a time many years ago I thought I was going to be a book illustrator. My hero’s were Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo. I could never capture Vallejo near photorealistic style, but I loved Frazetta’s style. It was much more expressive and he told so much with powerful strokes or line thickness in his pen and ink work. Below is the brooding artist circa 1981 by some of my paintings. I did a copy of on of Frank’s most famous works Death Dealer. It became better known as the cover for the band Molly Hatchet. My copy attracted the attention of a girl which I gave to. She got the better end of the deal. I wonder if she still has it.

looking for some inspiration, I went to my old art books and found one of my favorite Frank Frazetta books. After a couple of pages, it hit me. My not try and go for 8 bit Frank Frazetta style. Here is my first experiment with it. It has a long way to go, but I’m having fun.

Comic Book Artist: Frank Frazetta | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials: Female Barbarian v2_1@4xFemale Barbarian v2_3@4xFemale Barbarian v2_Default@4x

She already has a lot more personality than my original character.  I had to take some liberties and change the hair a little. (Not up for the tigers yet) I need to work on coloring more and her legs better. After I get a basic body style down I want to do some animations and see how they look in the game. I need to get a more side view for the battle animations.

More 8 Bit Frazetta

I have continued to work on creating a male 8 bit Frazetta character. It took a lot of time of to put it together. As I started to animate it I picked up some tricks. First I broke the body into different parts.

Head, body, midsection, legs.  I add other layers; cloth, shield and sword latter as I needed them. Another big help was figuring out I could just copy and pasting the last image section and then adjusting the placement slightly and then making small changes. This speeded  up the process a lot. Now that I have this basic character I can create other animations from it using the keyframes I created without having to do everything from scratch.

Barbarian v2 Animation_Strike@4x

I have started to work on a new female shape.

Warrior WIP