Born in the land of ice and snow and growing out of the plains of Silicon Prairie springs FrostBit Studio. An indie game studio focusing on fun, free hand built games.

Founded by industry veteran Chip Pedersen

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I have been building games for over 21 years. It’s what I do, its what I love. The reason I started FrostBit Studio is to create games that I have designed and trying to code myself. I have also created games for someone else. Now its my turn.

I don’t expect these games to be the next Angry Birds or Clash of Clans allowing me to retire deeper into the great north woods. I do hope that people enjoy them introduce a brief moment or fun and escape into their day.


Another aspect of FrostBit studio is I get to work with my oldest son Ryan. A Graphic Artist also known as 8bitFire. We have been playing games and talking about them his whole life. FrostBit gives us the chance to now build them. I have 2 other sons that will be pitching in as well.

Not only do I get to work with my son, but I also get to work with my friends. I have learned a lot from the people I have worked with over the last 20 years. I want FrostBit to be like a band with friends jumping in and jam with us on our a variety of titles.

Meet the Founder

Chip Pedersen
Chip PedersenCEO & Creative Director

FrostBit Studio is led by 20 year game industry veteran Chip Pedersen. Located in the frozen tundra of Silicon Prairie also known as Minneapolis. Chip has held senior positions at Microsoft Game Studios, Activision, Griffin International and Outdoor Partners Entertainment. His experience covers numerous platforms and genres and he has directly managed AAA development teams of 60+ professionals. Prior to joining the gaming industry, Chip honed his tech skills as a Research & Development Specialist at Apple Inc. in Cupertino, California. Chip’s team building philosophy centers around one key concept: the project always comes first. Whether it’s strapping on motion‐capture goalie equipment for NHL Rivals, spending three days in the desert learning to shoot for the game Soldier of Fortune: Payback, or heading to the Boundary Waters to research lures for Bass Pro Shops: The Strike, Chip is one of those rare developers who not only creates games, he lives them.

I reported to Chip for several years and found him to be a very good supervisor. No matter how top-level his responsibilities were or how many meetings he was in and out of, he always found time to play the latest build of the various games we were working on. He knew when to intervene in situations and when the people involved could handle things well without help. I think the thing I liked best about working for him was that I felt like he was a trusted friend, but somehow he simultaneously retained his clout as someone I needed to be fully accountable to – in my opinion, that is a difficult balance to strike
Nicole Lindstorm, Independent Computer Games Professional
You know the oft-told analogy of a duck: calm and quiet above the surface but paddling furiously below? That would be Chip.

Rarely have I been around a person who has such a firm grasp on the top-down view of a project, and is also able to know when and how to push the right buttons to keep others on his team focused and on schedule. All the while, he is working his tail off to ensure that everything stays under control.

Yet it is his calm demeanor which is the additional element that makes him such a great leader. Even in the most chaotic situations Chip always maintains his cool and keeps everyone else from panicking

Randall Ryan, Producer/Lead Composer at HamsterBall
Chip played a vital role for me at Griffin International as Director of Gaming. He was instrumental in managing the construction and development of the world’s first truly interactive fishing game with custom controller – Bass Pro Shops The Strike.

Chip effectively tackled large issues systematically and with an organized approach. On a daily basis he dealt with issues ranging from software development bugs, hardware production complications and orchestrating demos and PR activity. His exceptional project management and problem solving skills allowed him to excel in that high-paced and high-stress environment – and come out smiling on the other end.

Chip would be an asset to any organization and I highly recommend him.

Justin Royer, Vice President, Digital Engagement at Periscope
Working with Chip was a pleasure and it was great to get to know such passionate & highly-motivated professional. He has an excellent feel for what’s required in a project. He has extensive experience in working directly with developers and QA teams to push for those hard deadlines. Chip was very well respected by our team throughout our partnership. He has a keen eye for detail and very knowledgeable in a wide range of business in games.
Amy Nanto, Client Solutions Executive in Games at VMC
Working with Chip was a pleasure and it was great to get to know such passionate & highly-motivated professional. He has an excellent feel for what’s required in a project. He has extensive experience in working directly with developers and QA teams to push for those hard deadlines. Chip was very well respected by our team throughout our partnership. He has a keen eye for detail and very knowledgeable in a wide range of business in games.
Kelsy Wittmann, Producer at Atomic Cartoons
Chip is first and foremost a great manager. He is the man who taught me what it is to be a producer. He did this in the most effective manner, not by telling me directly but by steering me in the proper direction and helping me come to the realizations on my own. Chip is a compassionate leader who is firm but fair and in all my time working under him I always felt as though he understood exactly what was happening with me and took all information into account to make the best decision. To this day, 2 years since we have worked together, Chip continues to be a friend and mentor and I truly believe that without him my video game career and all the success I have achieved may not have been possible.
Dan Gnaidy, Associate Producer at Bungie
Chip is a true professional and is very experienced in video games development. One of the best people I ever worked with and one of the best producers, he really knows everything on how to develop a product. I learned a lot from him.
Victoria Trofimova , Nordcurrent
Chip is a consummate professional who brings a wealth of expertise to interactive game development and publishing. His integrity and professionalism are above reproach. I have and will continue to seek out opportunities to work with him wherever he may be.
Ed Dille, CEO FOG Studios, Inc.
Chip is an outstanding game producer and good team builder. In working on sports games, his passion for gaming was evident as he produced a first version of a new franchise.
Daniel Adent, Director of Development at Turn 10 Studios
I always enjoyed working with Chip. He has a great presence as a leader and a strong skill for bringing the most chaotic circumstances under control. Chip is a great catalyst in tough situations. He knows how to get a diverse group of people working together, foster collaboration and get the best out of everyone. I was confident that when Chip was in the room everyone would be heard and the right decisions would be made.
He’s honest, sincere, approachable and professional. I hope that our paths cross again one day.
Tom Rigas, Sr. Producer at Big Fish
Chip is an outstanding individual and was a complete pleasure to work with. His vast industry knowledge, technical background and ability to view a project from multiple angles makes him a triple threat within the gaming industry. Chip was also an excellent communicator and consummate professional in every aspect.
Eric Wuestmann, President at True North Sales and Sourcing
I worked with Chip on Xbox sports games for over two years. He’s a phenomenal organizer and motivator, able to knit together a strong team, direct them with a compelling vision, and orchestrate their efforts so the team delivers on its commitments. He leads through passion and personal commitment, and people want to work hard for Chip. I would recommend Chip Pedersen wiithout reservation for any production management position!
Kevin Browne, Microsoft Game Studios
Chip is thoroughly professional and a pleasure to work with. Chip was an indispensible leader in the sports studio. He was able to negotiate effectively with other discipline lead peers (such as myself) to achieve results, keeping team morale high, and our project on track.

I would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with Chip again in future. He would be a great asset to any game development team.

Tony Cox, Microsoft Game Studios
Chip is, hands-down, the most motivating manager I’ve ever worked for. During my time on NHL Rivals, our team faced a lot of stiff challenges, both internally and from outside competition. Chip kept morale high and the project on track. We didn’t just finish Rivals, we finished it with a strong sense of purpose and dedication that I’ve never seen surpassed on any project, before or since. No matter what the team faced, Chip was always in the trenches, coordinating every area of development and working harder than anyone. He led by example, and everyone on the team was proud to follow him.
Bryan Howell, Microsoft Game Studios

Chip Speaks

Chip enjoys speaking about his 30+ year experience in the tech and game industry. Chip has spoken at local, national and international conferences. Topics include games development design and the industry at large. Team Building, Studio Creation,Leadership, and communication, technology, entertainment and culture. If you would like to discuss having Chip speak at your event contact us below

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Meet the Team

There is no better feeling than working with people you enjoy, respect and love. Starting FrostBit Studio I get to work with my son Ryan and give him an opportunity learn and grow skills and portfolio.

I have worked with Randy for over 12 years on too many games to count. FrostBit Studio allows us for the first time to work on the game we want to make and explore the power of audio in game design.

If you need help on a project I encourage you to reach out to them for help.

Ryan Pedersen
Ryan PedersenVisual Designer
I am a creative, reliable, and hard-working designer who can work both collaboratively and independently. I consider myself a strong communicator, presenter, and listener. My career goals are to continue to learn and grow as a designer while utilizing my creativity, knowledge, education and social skills to benefit the company and the client.
Randall Ryan
Randall RyanProducer & Composer
After spending the better part of 15 years as a touring musician, Randall co-founded the company that became HamsterBall Studios in 1995. In addition to composing & producing music and sound design, Randall casts and directs voice-over talent. HBS serves 3 industries: gaming, interactive, and broadcast. Credits include World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, and The Walking Dead to name a few.
@Badd_PixelPixel Artist
Not much is known about @badd_Pixel. We found designs on napkins in a northern Minnesota bar. When we inquired the bartender just said you don’t contact him he contacts. Rumors circulate he father was a teletype and mother monochrome monitor. When his father and mother were disconnected set out on his own. Wondering from one bad monitors with a limited set of colors to another. Most of our contact with him is via Twitter which works well for him. He is a man of few words and slow internet access via a 300 baud modem.
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